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I always feel balanced after talking to Ryan! I will give you an analogy: You know when you do a “disk cleanup” on your computer, where you see the multicoloured bar that shows you how much space you have left on your hard drive? And you think “shit, all these apps and photos are slowing everything down!”...Ryans like the clean up app, you compartmentalise everything and make sense of my wild brain. And after I feel like all the colours are balanced and the system doesn’t crash as much and works faster!

Anastasya Martynova ~ Former art Director at the BBC, Craft expert at MUSEEA, Designer, Artist & Director of Anastasya Martynova Ltd

Ryan is like an acupuncturist , I come to him with a headache. He assesses the symptoms and then gracefully and precisely uses a single needle in one of 700 energy points to shoot the bolt that cures the headache in the matter of minutes.

Perry Patrazewski ~ Co-Founder and Director at Blue Tit London, Founder & CEO of Hairtribe

Ryan can make me see a completely different point of view that had never occurred to me. Virtually no one can do this for me, and it’s fundamental to why I enjoy working with him. A lot of people say a lot of things. But Ryan offers opinions, strategy and affirmations that have genuine gravitas which directly affects my business, my day to day life, and more.

Zachary Stafford ~ Wealth Consultant at Devere's Italy

Ryan has a way of making you feel secure, heard, and understood. His style of Relating to others and encouraging them to truly open up and talk about their issues is mind-bending, yet totally natural. Ryan truly cares and it shows. He finds unique, practical solutions to my problems – solutions that are ingenious in their simplicity and therefore really work.

Nina Birkindakis ~ Climate activist

Ryan always manages to make ME think differently. It's always taken damn near an act of God to make me change my mind or to think that I am wrong about something, but he seems to do it with ease and it's always been for the better. I've never looked at my life and choices in such a different way. Our chats unfold my mind and make me challenge what I thought I knew, and that's not something I have experienced with very many people at all.

Elom K. Srebi ~ Project Manager at Royal Berkshire NHS Foundation Trust, Managing Director of MI4H Consulting

I genuinely feel like a better person after my times together with Ryan. He has helped me discover myself in a really powerful way and this leads to love towards myself, which makes me feel whole. I have massive positive energy after our calls and I feel like life right now and moving forward is full of happiness. My perspective and outlook feel more enlightened, and my shoulders feel like there is less weight on them. In short, Ryan has made me realise my course for happiness lies in a simple understanding of myself and of love.

Stephen McManus ~ CEO & Founder of Leaf Scissors, Director of operations Of Hairtribe, And Operations Director at Blue Tit London

Working with Ryan has changed my life for the better. I am experiencing tremendous results. I am bolder to face my fears. I can invoke powerful listening skills to communicate better with my team. I have deconstructed the beliefs I held onto pertaining relationships, life, money and business. Ryan has helped me to see that every aspect of my life should be built upon truth.
Ryan leads people to enlightenment, to fundamental truths that hold the entire universe together. He does not teach truth but helps people find the truth even in his absence. If that is not changing someone's life in a big, big, big way then I don't know what is.

Kuda Dhliwayo ~ CEO & Founder of Vital Recycling

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