A transformational journey with Ryan and Laura

A lot of high achieving women have a nagging feeling inside that something is missing. At The Fulfilled Woman Intensive you will heal and transform your identity to reclaim your embodied authentic power as a woman.

Women have been conditioned to believe that our ageing bodies are no longer working, that we are broken, need to be fixed or that something is missing.

We all experience hormonal shifts during phases of our life that can take us into unfamiliar territory of fluctuating emotions and physical sensations.

For women, menopause is another one of these shifts in which a new narrative is essential to experience our bodies positively and differently.

This inner agitation often leads to searching externally for things to fix…
The nagging feeling inside is a sense that something is missing!
Unfortunately when external causes are found the unsettled feeling doesn't go away, it often gets worse!

Why is this? It’s because the underlying problem is a lack of fulfilment caused by a Personality designed to be liked, loved and approved of by others!

Is it time for a change?

Aren't you done with experiencing

  • Lacking in self trust
  • Feeling ungrounded
  • Overthinking and trying to Control EVERYTHING
  • Questioning “who am I to do this?”
  • Feeling Anxious, stressed, and on edge of doom
  • YoYoing up and down in volatile emotions

Real change happens when we transform our identity!

The fulfilled woman intensive will help you create a new sense of self that is defined by knowing its full worth at a core level.

Then by embodying that knowledge physically and emotionally we ground the work in the body’s-cellular memory, creating a deep ripple effect on your behaviour, communication, and relationships.

In this transformation you will finally become "the kind of person" who

  • Knows her priceless value
  • Can deeply trust herself
  • Recognises and drop's her need to prove
  • Let’s go of feelings of insecurity easily
  • Surrenders to her natural wisdom and intuition
  • No longer can be dragged into YoYoing emotions
  • Dissolves anxiety quickly
  • No longer worry about being able to do this alone

✓ Its time to let go of the fear you will be found out

✓ Its time to stop trying to prove yourself your worth

✓ You owe it to the little girl inside you to remove the masks that hide her face

Both Ryan and Laura have spent almost a decade dedicated to transforming the lives of powerful women around the world. With 1000’s of hours in sessions and workshops that have made a deep and lasting change to the lives of 100’s of clients. Let us guide you next.

How the Process Works

Understand your multi layered Being. By understanding the nature of your mind, body, soul and spirit you access a natural inner stillness and peace.

Master the art of letting go. Through a radical process of self forgiveness you let go of years worth of inner conflict.

Activate your deepest desires. By clearing the canvas of your mind and silencing your judgments you will acknowledge and clarify your hearts deepest desires.

Create your future self. Using a structured method you will define and declare who you truly are immediately altering your sense of self to align with your deepest desires.

Embody the change. The movement therapist sessions will guide you through powerful movement-based expressive art therapy to neurologically sculpt these mental and spiritual processes into the body, using arts and movement to find resources and embody the change.

To find out more about Ryan & Laura visit ryanbranch.me & inhabitingthebody.org
For applications email: fulfilled@ryanbranch.me

The Fulfilled Woman Intensive

Over 4 Days 5 powerful women will access deep and lasting transformation at the soul level.

What's Included

✓ 2 X 1:1 Coaching session with Ryan pre and post Immersion

✓ 1 X 1:1 90 min Session with Laura post immersion

✓ 2 X 90 min Group zoom coaching sessions with Ryan in November and December to assist integration

✓ 3 Nights accommodation at a luxury villa in Ibiza

✓ 3 Meals per day

✓ Transfers to and from the airport

✓ Lifetime friendships



To find out more about Laura visit inhabitingthebody.org

For applications email: fulfilled@ryanbranch.me

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