The Perspective Intensive

All Leaders face challenges they can't yet see, some big some small. Unfortunately most companies wait until crisis point to discover what they are. So, how do we solve a problem we don't even know exists?
By removing what conceals it.

The Wall
There is a hidden variable in life that conceals our unknown challenges, It's called perspective. How you interpret a given situation will always determine what you notice.
Unfortunately we have a bias for our own perspective, making it almost impossible to spot this.

“You cant see the picture if you’re inside the frame”

Furthermore we have not been taught how perspective works. Meaning when a problem arises we're blinded by an invisible wall of perception. Usually followed by a sense of urgency to take actions that often lead to more problems down the line.

“Imagine a boy who lived in a home with a huge garden with a great big wall. For years he enjoyed his garden and from time to time would wonder what existed beyond the wall. He painted images in his mind of all the things that lay on the other side.
After many years he became unhappy, his conclusion was that his happiness was beyond the wall. So he hatched a plan to build a ladder. He placed his ladder against the wall, excited to discover what lay on the other side.
His ladder was only tall enough to allow his eyes to peer over the top “Wow!” He thinks, “It’s even better than I hoped.” His excitement grows, and with a huge effort lifts himself over the side.
What he didn't realise however was the wall had a 100ft drop. He didn't see it, how could he?”

We all have our version of this wall. Many of us have stories of rushed decisions that went wrong. With hindsight we would've waited to act from a better perspective.

Imagine if you didn't have to wait for hindsight to receive the benefit of its perspective?

The Solution

The good news is that the solution to the problem is simple:
A higher vantage point above The Wall.

Imagine if the boy in our story was placed inside a glass elevator that rose up a hundred feet above the wall. He could rise way up above the wall and see everything including the drop and any other hidden dangers. How? because his decision would be guided by a higher perspective. The clarity from seeing the big picture has an immediate positive impact on his decision. This is what The perspective intensive will deliver for you and your team.

It’s time to take you and your team to the top floor and Rise above The Wall. (Instead of banging your head against it).

What you can expect:

  • Develop Communication mastery
  • Lead from Blue sky thinking and long term vision
  • Greater uptake in innovation and creativity
  • Increase Clarity and Mental Wellbeing
  • Increase levels of resilience and mental toughness
  • Greater levels of focus and concentration