The Time

Double Your Productivity and Half Your Workload In 6 Weeks or less

You know the feeling when you wake up and before you even wipe the sleep from your eyes, your mind has already gone into overdrive. These are the early warning signs that this will be “one of those days”.

With your phone in your hand, your morning email replies have begun as you quickly rush through breakfast. Trying to “get ahead of the day.” you feel like a fly hitting a window. So much effort, so little progress.

Does this Sound familiar?

The stress and overwhelm created by this adrenaline fuelled approach leads to friction inside our relationships, lack of fulfilment and ultimately burnout.

How did this happen?

  • You lost sight of your priorities & highest yielding activities
  • You are not scheduling in time to think creatively and strategically
  • You have no professional or personal boundaries in place to protect your time
  • Your activities aren't aligned with your daily energy cycles
  • You leave no time for you

Imagine if you didn't have to do this anymore?

This 6-week program will help you:

  • Reclaim your energy
  • Develop a custom made morning and sleep routines
  • Create a structure that protects your values
  • Define simple and effective daily and weekly actions
  • Establish strong professional boundaries with clients and colleagues
  • Improve your relationship with time forever

What does the program look like?

Step 1. Inventory
• Outline your goals and vision for the next 1-3 years to establish a clear direction
• Take a full inventory of everything you do each day. Each task will be listed and itemised
• We will audit your energy by listing the people, places or activities that either drain or give you energy
• Identify the top 20% daily/weekly actions that are the highest yielding (HY) Identify the remaining 80% low - medium yielding activities (LY)
Step 2. Schedule
• Create a tailor-made schedule placing your HY tasks into your daily planner for you to execute immediately each day
• Match each task to your best energy level throughout the day to ensure maximum return for your time
• Block your time into powerful, deep work sessions so you can action your highest yielding activities
Step 3. Protect
• Protect the most important parts of each day with clear professional, and personal boundaries
Ensure seamless workflow with a tailor-made systems-based solution to emails and phone calls
• Outsource or re-prioritise the 80% of medium to low yielding activities so that you know that everything ESSENTIAL to the growth and success of your business has been taken care of